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gas line was failing. right now, unacceptable risk bez low the surface. the government and p gen g & e knew that the san bruno pipeline was in danger of failing. good evening. a high risk of failure. that is a quote tonight from a pg & e document last year
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referencing that pipeline that exploded in san bruno two days ago. despite that assessment, pg & e did not plan to replace that pipeline for another three years. at the same time, we've also learned tonight seven people are now confirmed dead and six people are still missing. 37 home were destroyed. our bay area reporter is in san bruno with the information for us and kimberly terry have reaction from people in that neighborhood. but let's begin with monti. >> reporter: the documents show that the pipeline was at a high risk to fail but the company did nothing to repair it or replace it. as federal investigators begin the arduous task of figuring out what led to the deadly explosion that flattened this san bruno neighborhood on thursday, documents uncovered by the bay citizen, a nonprofit news organization, revealed just what pg & e knew about the pipeline and when the company knew it. going back as early as 2007, pg
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and ene officials expressed concerns about the aging pipeline installed 50 years earlier. in a report last year that recommended a $5 million repair, the company's own employees wrote, "if the replacement of this type did z. not occur, risk associated with this segment will not be reduced. that makes the risk of a failure at this location unacceptably high." federal investigators spept their first full day at the scene looking into what caused the pipe to rupture and explode. among their questions is should the pipe had an automatic safety mechanism in place to shut off the flow of gas? >> the valves on both sides of this relief are manual. they're not automatic. >> investigators also say the section of pipe that ruptured was made to produce a bad smell in case of a leak, seeming to verify accounts of smell of gas in the neighborhood. pg & e is going through the
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phone records but hadz no log of such complaints. the section of pipeline was also considered high risk because of how large it was and the potential damage it could do to a residential area in the event of a rupture. this map shows where similarly size gap transmission lines run through the bay area. the line that broke runs between interstate 280 and skyline boulevard. part of their job is to figure out if there are other sections of large gas lines at risk of failing. >> when there's a large pipeline in a residential area, that means the pine line was built before the area was densely populated. the area was still not so heavily populated. >> even though the utility knew that that pipeline was at a high risk to fail, repairs were not scheduled to be complete until 2013. i just spoke to a spokesman. he told me at this point the company would not comment on any of it. now if you'd like to see a more detailed map of those pipelines, go to our website.
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click on pipeline worries. can you zoom into your neighborhood and see what kind of pipelines could be there. live in san bruno, monti francis, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot. we're at about a high risk pipeline threat spread quickly to the people waiting to get back into their homes. kimberly terry has that part of the story. >> reporter: residents want to get back in their homes. that process will begin tomorrow. this news has some wondering if it's safe to return. as can you imagine, they wish that more had been done to look into that pipeline. and possibly prevent what happened. sh woman is anxious to get back home. her baby is due friday. >> thursday night i was cramping so bad. i was like oh, my goodness, do not come yet. >> she's among hundreds that fled their homes and only have the clothes on their backs. now reports that a portion of the pipeline was ranked high
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risk has residents wondering why something wasn't done about it. >> what happened, they knew about it. you know what i mean? they should have taken care of that. >> that's unfortunate that is on the to-do list and they didn't get to it. and we see the result. >> reporter: san bruno residents say the explosion has them on edge. wondering if other pipes in the area could be at risk. >> as it was today, we smelled gas. and apparently they were venting a pipe to work on. but we immediately got all our kids in the car to leave. so this is how we're going to live for the next however long. >> pg and e said if they're responsible for the incident, they'll take care of the families affected. in fact, they already started. >> we're going up there to take care of a bunch of stuff. get a place to stay and all that. it's really great that people are here to comfort. >> now it's just a waiting game
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for worth and her family who are hoping to get back in their home sooner than later. >> hoping he holds out until it's time to go home. >> pg & e set up a booth at the veterans memorial recreation center here in san bruno. they're hoping displaced residents with whatever they need. most people we talk to say that this just served as a wakeup call. and that more stringent poll sidz are put in place to deal with dated infrastructure. live in san bruno, kimberly terry. >> thank you. hundreds of people out of their homes because of explosion and fire packed into a town hall meeting this afternoon. the mood was often tense as government officials answered questions from residents. the big question for many, when can they go home that, is if they have a home to return to. the city manager said that destroyed homes remain off-limits. as kimberly mentioned, people will be able to collect some of the belongings if all goes as planneded tomorrow at about
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noon. that led to concerns about security which police were quick to head off. >> we have agencies throughout san mateo county, throughout the state of california and officers from san bruno who have been and will continue to work around the clock to provide protection. >> the people will be signed re-entry zone based on their address and escorted to their homes by police and firefighters. we have pictures tonight as two of the six people believed to be missing after the san bruno explosion. a friend of gregory bulles e-mailed us the photos. as far as we know, this man and his son have not been seen since the explosion. friends have searched all the shelters and called around to all the hospitals but so far have not been able to find them. the father and son lived on claremont drive, the worst area of the disaster. and stay with nbc bay area and nbc bay for continuing coverage of the san bruno explosion. we're constantly updating our
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website with new information and pictures as well. you'll also find plenty of video of the damage and the personal stories and the people affected by the explosion and the fire. plus, again, we have a link to the pipeline map for the bay area. you can check to see if your neighborhood has any of these large underground pipelines for natural gas and liquid gas. most seem to run along freeways. there are several in neighborhoods such as san mateo, piedmont and danville to name a few. again, that is coming up next, the latest discovery in a strik of killings and how police missed it for so long. promise freedom and then denied. the latest on the cal graduate jailed in iran and the legal loophole that is keeping her behind bars right now. the fog is back right along the coast. we'll have more sunshine. this is live from oakland. plus, the week ahead is going to be a cool one. also still to come, vanilla, chocolate and olive oil?
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i even bought her a computer with my new citi forward card. then one day... have you seen this?
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she "friended" me. there's a whole album. [ laughs ] [ groans ] and started posting pictures. ♪ and tagging me. publicly. [ male announcer ] you ought to be rewarded for being dependable. the citi forward card gives you extra points for paying your bill on time and staying within your credit limit. [ woman ] nice tights. what's your story? the citi forward card can help you write it. the coroner identified the man of a body as 35-year-old frederic solace. dental records confirmed his identity today. they found his father dead in the same home. police then searched a landfill looking for the body of a younger solace. when they couldn't find him in that home. critics are questioning now how the police could have missed the body in the house for so long. but police say someone had gone to great lengths to conceal it in the home. the body was wrapped in cloth and shoved in the back of a
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curved closet. the man suspected of killing both men and possibly two women is this man. police shot and killed him after a high speed chase and he is also connected to the killing of his girlfriend. new york is marking september 11 rnlg tonight with lights. two blue beams with the twin you towers used to stand. the tribute will stay lit overnight. a tribute to the passengers of flight 93 rolled into town on motorcycles. flight 93 took off on september 11th from newark, new jersey, headed to san francisco. and when the passengered learned the plane was hijacked, you may remember they fought back and the plane crashed in pennsylvania. 40 motorcyclists traced the journey they never complete the adds a tribute to the victims and part as a fund-raiser for another memorial at the crash site. >> from a family member perspective, it's great to see people remember this and see people go out of their way,
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literally out of their way, to raise funds for the memorial. >> the art and wine festival paused for a ceremony in honor of the victims of september 11th. police, firefighters and members of all five branches of the military all took part. one of the uc berkeley graduates jailed in iran hoped to reunite with her family today. she remains behind bars. earlier this week iran announced they would release the 31-year-old as an act of generosity to mark the end of ramadan. then officials quickly back pedals saying a legal issue needed to be resolved first. now there's no release date for shurd or her two friends who were jailed after allegedly crossing a border on a hike. the bay area's home to one of the most beautiful university campuses in the world. at least that's what a panel of architects and campus designers told "forbes" magazine. can you guess? there it is. stanford university is number five on the list of most
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beautiful campuses around the globe after the likes of the college in ohio and england's oxford university. uc santa cruz scored an honorable mention because of the perch over the pacific ocean. ball so manic vinegar are not usually flavors associated with ice cream. no. not usually. a san francisco shop is changing what people think of ice cream one scoop at a time. tracy grant takes us on a taste test. i've always made ice cream. always loved ice cream. >> reporter: what jay wanted to do was push the envelope. the former pastry chef wanted to mix and match sweet and saviory flavors in ways that no one ever thought of. >> i'm going to get bacon, banana and corn.
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>> a favor called elvis the fat years is somewhat tame. there are other flavors that will make your head spin. rosemary's baby is rosemary and smoked pine nuts. don't forget, olive oil and government cheese. >> it just clicked in my head. i get ideas from eating at a pie restaurant. peanut butter and curry works in asian food, why wouldn't it work in ice cream? >> i bring friends in and say you have to try this and they say no. >> how about balsamic vinegar and caramel? >> we had it last time we were here. it is very good. >> now this is the flavor that so many people talk about. they don't have it that often. sir, could i have the prosciutto, please? thank you. just like mom used to make. actually, i really like that.
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i thought i wouldn't. it is pretty good. >> he makes the ice cream by hand right inside the shop. he says he knows it's not for everybody. that's why less people taste as much as they want before making their choice. >> they're the wubz thones that terribly afraid. i never do anything for the sake of being weird. to me, everything i do tastes good. there is a reason why i do it. >> he says there is nothing as gratifying as watching people taste something in a way they hadn't before and maybe never will again. >> do the neat this. >> reporter: in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. that sounds just totally weird. now i want to go try it. >> me, too. >> i don't know. prosciutto and ice cream seems odd. >> try them all. tomorrow we going to have a nice day? >> yes. get in all the ice cream can you because it's going to be cool. let's start off with --
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chase it with a hot chocolate. >> we have live pictures from oakland. the fog is off the coast. yeah, pretty cool day along the coast tomorrow. everywhere else we start to see more 80s and 90s. 7 ais the high in san francisco today. 91 in livermore. upper 80s in the north end of the bay. got up to 84 in oakland. things start to change a bit along the coast. and after that, the rest of us cool down. 54 in san francisco. still sitting at 71. lots of 60s through napa and in to san jose. this is the fog. notice i'll take you to 1:00 a.m. plenty of it is banked along the coast. it's not moving anywhere. thicker as we go through 8:00 a.m. really hugging the coastline. and then once we go into noon, we still have it along the coast. it's not really clearing out. everywhere else it will clear out by 4:00 p.m. temperatures drop from the 70s
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back into the 6 o's. we have this ridge of high pressure right about here. the flow that is coming out of the north is clearing the skies as we go into the bay side communities and inland spots. so a little warmer. yeah. cooling and foggy along the coast tomorrow. everywhere else is 70s and 80s. this cold air, get ready for this. this is sinking into the area. this will happen as we go through tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday. not going to move much. this is not going to move a whole lot. so with it in place, that sea breeze is going to get stronger every night. that fog ban gets thicker. so keerl. look at that. rain possible on saturday. keep it in the forecast right now. maybe even friday night in the north end of the bay overnight. saturday looks like the best chance for seeing some rain. so highs tomorrow. 75 today in san francisco. notice we're back in the 60s here. livermore at 88. we saw 84 in san jose. mid 80s for napa.
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sunset, 7:27. seven-day forecast, cools off a little each day, especially into wednesday, thursday, friday. we talked about it feeling like fall. it's so cold and a mess around here. it's going to feel like that again on friday and saturday. >> no it won't. >> okay. >> let's change that forecast. >> i don't like that. all right. thank you. >> that's all we have to do. thank you. that was totally easy. giants, right there? >> yes. so close. today in san diego, the giants battling more than just the padres. they were not too happy with the home plate umpire either. and the cardinals trying to do something they haven't done we have we have e coege football highlights next in sports. jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty.
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its giants had the series opener against the padres. that was then. this is it now. now is looking like a pitcher's duel. exactly what we expected in the top two teams in the nl west. tonight the giants are wondering if today's duel was a fair fight. they had problems with home plate umpire jerry crawford's strike zone all game long. they're trying to have a conversation. top three.
11:23 pm
crawford at the plate. called strike. look how crawford called it. the big play. the giants not pleased with that. and more. bottom three. no score. one rough spot here. torrealba, the home run to right. 1-0, padres. bomb guarder, just that hit and seven hits in seven innings. giants one game back. it was a good day for bob guerin. the a's announced they pick up his option for next season. then he wants to see them do a little come from behind against the red sox. bottom seven, they trailed 2-0. the deep ball to center. trying to make a spectacular diving catch. he misses. it's a triple. mark ellis scores. the a's take the lead. it is now the first season series win over boston since 2006. last week andrew lufkin and stanford announced the cardinal offense is alive and well to the tune of 62 points.
11:24 pm
that was again sacramento state. it was good enough to get stanford into the top 25. is it good enough to earn the first win at the rose bowl since 1996? today the kartd analyze opening the conference late taking on ucla. luck and company picked up where they left off. luck rolling out. he has a guy in the end zone. finds ryan waylon. 7-0, stanford. 151 yards. cardinals pitch the shutout. they get the 35-no win. while stanford open the slate, there was a preview of colorado to the strawberry canyon. the fans were ready to go. 13 yards for the touchdown. 7-0 bears. riley had four tds, two of them to the wolf reez. bears rolling. and fresh off facing the top ranked team in the country, today, san jose is mighting the
11:25 pm
11th squad in madison. third quarter, 20-0, wisconsin. the spartans making this one a game. chandler jones, 37 yards. touchdown. first of the season. they start pulling away in the fourth quarter. wisconsin wins 27-14. well, still ahead, vernon davis has a record number of reasons to be happy tonight. roger federer, on the other hand, note timt seheup t uat .sa big. te upseimat the u open next. people! look at you!
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but deadly on fleas. so ask your an r e, the flea specialist, for effective, but gentle flea control. the nfl has a new record deal for vernon davis. they signed him to a five-year extension worth $37 million with $23 million guaranteed. and venus williams bounced in the semiconductors. today it was roger fedder. stunned by his opponent at flushing meadows. nadal is in the final.
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>> there you have it. >> thank you. thanks for joining us for the bay area at 11:00. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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we interrupt this broadcast for a live press conference from the president of the united states. [ applause ]

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